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Maybe you do need those stinking badges…

If it’s all about the patina for you, skip this short article. However, as our cars age, the hood, trunk and wheel badges take more than their fair share of abuse. With these badges plentiful and within reach of Amazon Prime delivery, it only takes a few minutes to freshen […]

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With respect to Billie

When the E30 first hit the streets, I fell in love with the shape immediately, but I was less than excited about the four-cylinder motor, carried over from the E21. When the six-cylinder ES model arrived, I took a bright red with black interior model for a test drive and […]


Chipping the E34

Increased performance isn’t always a tire-shredding thing. Looking at your car as a system – modest, incremental gains all add up. Those with turbocharged, modern BMWs make it look easy. A simple ECU flash can put another 60 or 70 horsepower under the hood in a matter of minutes. I’d […]


Executive car – the E34 journey begins

Many people I’ve talked to say that driving an E34 five series is like driving a “big E30,” but that’s selling the E34 short. Not that I don’t love my E30s, but the E34, at least the 535 I’m driving these days, is a totally different contraption. Sure, the styling […]


Project 325iS, part one (and a half)

As I’ve mentioned here, the original 3 – the E21 was my first BMW crush. When the E30 hit the market, it became even more intense. I loved the square, minimal lines, and the new level of interior ergonomics and functionality. And the thought of a six, wow a six-cylinder […]


Staying on the Path

“It’s perfect now; you’re gonna love it.” Steve at Matt’s Alignment and Brake tells me with a big smile, handing the keys over the counter. I’d been anticipating this all weekend, as Roy and I didn’t make it back from the coast, dropping off the Z4 for top repairs in […]