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With respect to Billie

When the E30 first hit the streets, I fell in love with the shape immediately, but I was less than excited about the four-cylinder motor, carried over from the E21. When the six-cylinder ES model arrived, I took a bright red with black interior model for a test drive and […]


Chipping the E34

Increased performance isn’t always a tire-shredding thing. Looking at your car as a system – modest, incremental gains all add up. Those with turbocharged, modern BMWs make it look easy. A simple ECU flash can put another 60 or 70 horsepower under the hood in a matter of minutes. I’d […]


Executive car – the E34 journey begins

Many people I’ve talked to say that driving an E34 five series is like driving a “big E30,” but that’s selling the E34 short. Not that I don’t love my E30s, but the E34, at least the 535 I’m driving these days, is a totally different contraption. Sure, the styling […]


Project 325iS, part one (and a half)

As I’ve mentioned here, the original 3 – the E21 was my first BMW crush. When the E30 hit the market, it became even more intense. I loved the square, minimal lines, and the new level of interior ergonomics and functionality. And the thought of a six, wow a six-cylinder […]


Staying on the Path

“It’s perfect now; you’re gonna love it.” Steve at Matt’s Alignment and Brake tells me with a big smile, handing the keys over the counter. I’d been anticipating this all weekend, as Roy and I didn’t make it back from the coast, dropping off the Z4 for top repairs in […]


Rescuing a parts car: the story of Lumpy

It all began innocently enough. I needed some parts for my 89 325iS that’s beginning to take shape, and a great potential donor car was just up the I-5 in Seattle. Somehow, don’t we always need more parts? The Bronzit four-door in question had its complete cooling system replaced, a […]


Further Thoughts on Bertha

With about four hours to kill and no choice but to sit in my chair and behave, I finally had a block of free time to read Rob Siegel’s Resurrecting Bertha, something long overdue. If you’re familiar with Siegel, either through his “Hack Mechanic” column in the BMWCCA Roundel magazine, […]


Budget Bimmer: Installment One

What better thing to do on a Thursday night when your wife is out of town on a business trip than buy a wagon? Right?

Truth be told, I’d been looking for a wagon again for some time, but as it’s only an occasional use vehicle, it didn’t have to be […]