About Us…

Hello and welcome to My BMW Habit.

My journey with BMW goes back to about 1982, when I drove my first one – a white 320is. It would be years before I got my first BMW, ironically a beige 1983 320 that was in horrible condition.

That led to a pair of great e30s, and my falling off the horse for a while.

Today, I’ve still got an 83 320i, but also five other BMWs that I feel very privileged to own. I’m a gearhead through and through, so if you drive a Porsche, a Bentley, or a Challenger, I think that’s great. If it has four wheels, I’m into it. In addition to the e21, I’ve got a 2001 330Ci, 2016 M235 coupe, 2017, M240 X-Drive convertible, 2018 X1 M-Sport and a 2017 i3. I love em all.

But BMW is the marque for me after owning many other cars. It’s a comfy spot, offering huge excitement, and an incredible heritage. Thanks to all of the staff at Portland BMW, and Jason at Bavarian Auto Works in Vancouver, Washington, my cars are all in tip top shape. (Well, ok the e21 is kind of a project, but I digress.)

I hope to hear from you about your cars and your passion. Please feel free to drop me a note: jeff@mybmwhabit.com

And stay tuned, this is only the beginning. I’ve got a lot planned for you.

-Jeff Dorgay, founder